Welcome to Enterprise Hub UK

Enterprise Hub UK is a new Social Enterprise technology procurement platform for Social Enterprises, Cooperatives, Community Interest Companies, Charities & Ethically focused organisations.

The platform helps organisations to research, collectively or individually procure, utilise technology to create efficiencies and provide support services to help them manage and grow their organisations more effectively.

Being a Social Enterprise, we focus on people and planet before profit. 50% of our profits go back into Social Enterprise related activity with a further 10% of profits being shared with our employees. We believe this strategy will enable us to support the good work many of these organisations provide and significantly contribute to building a more balanced and fairer society.

The Problem

Grants and public funding for organisations have dramatically shrunk over the last decade and with further deeper government cuts planned, many of these organisations will no longer be able to provide the invaluable services to society.

While most organisations are supported with a wealth of capable individuals who are able to deliver their goals, many are great at the “Social” part but not so good at the “Enterprise” part. Additionally organisations are not supported as well when it comes to implementing technology, procurement and growing their operations, but these things are vital for successful organisations. There is also a lot of duplication of effort with little collaboration to helping each other achieve  goals locally and nationally.

Corporations have started to understand the importance of social responsibility in terms of the sustainability of their business models. £1B in UK corporate sector budgets are already committed to being spent within UK Social Enterprises however the sector is dispersed and needs help to make it easier for those organisations to spend their budgets responsibly.

The Solution

We think providing the tools to allow this sector to work together to achieve their goals, reduce their costs and become more efficient is the best way for the sector to achieve its goals.

The Enterprise Hub UK platform delivers these tools in three components.

Enterprise Hub UK platform delivers these tools in three components

Social Enterprise Search Engine

We were building our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) launched 1st June 2017 that utilises leading search engines, trade bodies, closed directories, scraping technologies, linked data in addition to our own algorithms to bring you the most relevant results. The service also enables users to save time in managing searches, sharing and collaborating with others by turning searches into projects. The service also simplifies the process of obtaining information and quotes from any organisation.

Further releases will provide enhanced capabilities, including, web clipping, collective purchasing, turn searches into wanted ads, smart scheduling and AI technology to name but a few services.

Data Driven Solutions

We proactively help social enterprises to grow their organisations and leverage relationships within the network in order to help them to win larger contracts with government and private enterprises. This includes identifying possible strategically placed social enterprises in addition to commercial organisations that are willing to create a social enterprise division in order to become compliant to win large social enterprise contracts.

Enterprise Support Services

Organisations need to focus on delivering projects not running their enterprise, we provide all aspects of support for their organisations covering the complete enterprise where it can be outsourced. We become part of your team allowing you to utilise highly skilled talent without the capital outlay of employing full time or contractors. Many of the support services are provided free of charge including free websites, ERP software and general advice. Being a social enterprise we invest 50% of our profits into this provision to support the sector.

Commissioning Services

Looking for Art Commissions, Portrait Commissions, Bronze Sculpture Commissions, Commission a Painting, Bespoke Jewellery, Personalised Gifts uk, Bespoke Furniture, Photo Gifts uk or Custom T shirts Commission it to get anything you want commissioned and automatically raise funds for good causes.