About Us

Enterprise Hub UK is a new Social Enterprise technology procurement platform for Social Enterprises, Cooperatives, Community Interest Companies, Charities & Ethically focused organisations.

The platform helps organisations to research, collectively or individually procure,  utilise technology to create efficiencies and provide support services to help them manage and grow their organisations more effectively.

Being a Social Enterprise, we focus on people and planet before profit. 50% of our profits go back into Social Enterprise related activity with a further 10% of profits being shared with our employees. We believe this strategy will enable us to support the good work many of these organisations provide and significantly contribute to building a more balanced and fairer society.


Enterprise Hub UK is brought to you by

Founder Amin Saleem 

Amin Saleem is the founder of government award-winning consumer champion AutoeBid.com, an online reverse auction platform that has generated over £230m in orders to date, saved thousands of UK clients several millions of pounds and attracted over a million unique users to the platform.

Co-Founder Anthony Constantinou

Anthony Constantinou is a full stack developer and our CTO with more than 20 years developing solutions in a wide range of industries, most recently involved in a startup founded to help people develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.